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robotics projects

Robotics projects
have always fascinated every electronics enthusiast at some point in their life. Over the last few years, robotics has come up in a huge way. A dedicated stream of engineering has come up in several engineering colleges. Robotics Projects in college events, robotic festivals and competitions see a very large participation and interest from robot enthusiasts.

Robotics is a mixture of electronics and movable parts, motors and accessories. It can also be categorized as Mechatronics. We present the list of few of the Robotics projects we have implements over the last 4 years.

If you need more project ideas for Robotics Projects, please check this list : 


1) Muscle controlled Robotic Arm

Brief: Use your muscle power to control a robotic arm in this project idea. In this project we use, Myoware Muscle Sensor to control a heavy duty servo motor which is connected to a robotic arm like structure. So the closing and opening of palm is controlled muscular tension. 


2) Android controlled Robotic arm with Robot

Brief: A movable Robotic Arm for Pick and Place applications. One of the best robotics application where a movable robot is attached with a robotic arm and can help in lifting dangerous/hazardous objects from a distance keeping the operator safe from any potential mishap.


3) Gesture controlled Robotic Arm (Wireless)

Brief: This concept shows a robotic arm being controlled wirelessly using RF module and accelerometer. We use multiple accelerometers to control the various movements wirelessly from a range of 10 – 20 mtrs. 


4) Android App Contolled Robotic Arm

Brief: Controlling a 3 DOF Robotic Arm via an Android App using DC and Servo Motors. We use a Free Android App and HC05 Bluetooth module to control the movement of the robotic arm wirelessly. 


5) Android Mini Detection Robot

Brief: A very cool concept of detecting metallic mines/objects remotely via Android app. Control via app and get notification in real time.


6) Gesture controlled Floor Wiping Robot

Brief: Need to dust off your floor? Control and get it cleaned from your robot. This robot is controlled wirelessly with the help of gestures. 


7) 6 DOF Biped Robot – Humanoid

Brief: Ever wanted to see how a humanoid walks? Check out the basic demo of a Biped walking. One of the most advanced robot which we have made involving precise control of heavy duty servo motors wirelessly from an App. 


8) IoT Controlled Robot

Brief: Now use Internet of Things to control your Robot from anywhere in the world. Add camera to monitor the path. We use WiFi module which is connected to internet via Access Point. The app can be used to control the robot from anywhere in the world. 


9) Self Balancing Robot

Brief: Check out the demo of latest developed Self Balancing Robot which can be controlled via Android App. So it has 2 main functions : Not to Fall & Move without falling. 


10) Arduino WiFi Robot

Brief: One of the latest projects which we have developed in which we control a Robotic Car using an Android App and NodeMCU WiFi Module. It has advanced features and moves very beautifully.


Bonus Project Ideas 

There are so many Robotics project ideas which won’t fit in our Top Robotics Projects so here we showcase few more Robotics project ideas for students. 

1. Hexapod Spider Robot

Brief: We developed this Spider Project in 2019 and it is one of the most complicated things we have worked upon. The project uses 18 servo motors which are programmed to sync and control the motion of the 18 DOF Spider Robot also known as Hexapod. The frame is acrylic laser cut and we have used MG995 Metal Servo Motors along with Arduino Mega .

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