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IoT Projects are in rage these days! Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. 

IoT projects are a great way to demonstrate the concept of this amazing technology having application in every field. We present a list of Top IoT projects which we have developed over the last few years.  Most of these projects have been developed using our in house Wi-Fi modules and development boards which makes the circuitry quite easy to work.

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IoT projects use case

And now some of the project ideas which we have developed : 

1) Smart Door Bell – IoT Project Ideas

Brief: Get alerted when someone rings your bell anywhere in the world! The idea of this project is to demonstrate a smart door bell which will send notifications via Mail/Push Notifications over the internet and the user can view the guest via an IP camera or provide access remotely by adding a solenoid door lock. 

We can also add motion sensors and trigger security alarms as per our need.

2) IoT – Biomedical Monitoring System

Brief: Another solid application of Internet of Things (IoT) whereas a user’s pulse rate and body temperature can be monitored in real time and it’s values can be logged online or viewed remotely from anywhere in the world using IoT.

This can help the paramedics or doctors to foresee any potential medical emergency and take appropriate actions as per the need of the hour. We can monitor parameters like Pulse rate, blood oxygen, temperature, blood pressure, etc.  

3) Smart Toll System with Push Notification using IoT

Brief: IoT projects will be used in every field because of the advantages they offer. In this concept, we use toll collection system and make the entire process of billing and notification internet enabled. The user can check real time status of the toll and receive notifications on an App connected to server. 

This project is particularly useful for transporters whose vehicles travel inter state for delivery of goods and commodities. 

4) IoT Smart Irrigation System (App/Webserver)

Brief: A very solid application of IoT which can be used for monitoring of different agricultural field parameters like temperature, soil moisture, air humidity and presence of any unwanted pests, etc.

You can also control your field pump from anywhere in the world and monitor the status of the soil from an App connected to Internet in this IoT project idea!

5) IoT Traffic Management System

Brief: Another innovative IoT project which demonstrates the concept of traffic junction monitoring and management. So you can monitor the traffic intensity at a junction, control timing of red/green lights over the internet, monitor any breakdown in the traffic light, etc. 

Also we can add panic alert, camera based surveillance, automatic challans in this project idea. 

6) Google Home Automation / IoT Home Automation

Brief: As the name suggests, control your home appliances by using Google Assistant from anywhere in the world! Check out the idea. We can increase the no. of devices and also customize the response from the Google assistant. 

Also, you can add AC voltage control in case you wish to show Fan speed control, motion activated lights, power saving mode when no one is in the house and tonnes of amazing features!

7) Smart IoT Dustbin with SMS Alert


Brief: A very interesting application of Internet of Things where we add sensors to a normal dustbin and update the garbage level to an IoT Server and send SMS in case the dustbin is full.

Also we can add automatic flap control so that the dustbin opens only when a user is near the dustbin, smoke alerts if someone is burning the garbage, create logs, etc. 


8) IoT Car Parking System with Online App

Brief: Now book your parking slots from anywhere and navigate to the nearest parking available. A very fine application of IoT wherein a user can book his parking slot from anywhere and navigate to that parking slot. 

The hardware blocks the booked parking slot and releases only when the car occupies and leaves the slot. Billing and other features may also be added. 

9) IoT Controlled Robotic Arm (3D Printed)

Brief: Create your robotic arm project using our 3D printed Robotic Arm. Superb and easy to use for beginners. You can then control the robotic arm from an App from anywhere in the world using IoT technology. 

10) IoT Controlled Robot

Brief: In this IoT project, we use an Android App to control a Robot from anywhere in the world. We can add an IP camera to monitor the path of the robot. 

This project is very useful for surveillance purposes and metal sensor can be used to make it a mine detection robot. 

11) IoT Biometric Attendance System

Brief: Bio metric attendance systems have been used from a very long time but once we add IoT access to it we open a tonnes of features and advantages over the normal bio-metric attendance systems. In this project, we get real time updates with time stamps regarding the attendance status.

Get the Working project with codes and schematic diagram.



12) IoT Smart Street Light System

Brief: One of the best ideas using IoT or Internet of things with a brilliant application of controlling the intensity of street lights as per traffic, identifying damaged street lights and remote control of street lights.

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