RF Module – 433 Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver Module


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Frequency : 433.92 Mhz
Operating voltage : 3-12 V DC (Transmitter), 5V DC (Receiver)
Data rate : up to 8 kbps
Works with HT12D/12E or other encoder/decoder
Usage Video ( Coming soon )

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RF transceiver (Both transmitter & Receiver) module is a wireless remote control module which both can transmit and receive the RF Signal. This is one of the cheapest wireless module available for use by beginners for simple wireless projects.

We have prepared a very detailed blog for DIY Wireless Circuit using 433 Mhz RF Module. If you looking to prepare your first wireless circuit, go through the blog. Learn more about encoding decoding here


  • Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients.
  • Pick N Place Robot with Soft Catching Gripper.
  • RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with LASER Beam Arrangement.
  • Channel RF Based Remote Control.
  • Hi-Tech Wireless Equipment Controlling System.
  • Home/office Security System (Safeguard) Using RF.
  • Incoming/Outgoing Vehicle Alert from Main Gate.
  • Industrial Automation System Using RF.
  • RF based Wireless Remote Control Project.
  • Electrical Apparatus Control System in a Plant Using RF Wireless Communication.
  • Modern House Automation (AC/DC) Using RF Communication.

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