CD4026 7-Segment Decade Counter

7-Segment Decoder
Static counter Operation: DC 6Mhz, 10V
Ideal for Low Power Display
Input Leakage Current: 100nA at 18V

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The CD 4026 consists of a 5-stages Johnson decade counter and an output decoder which converts the Johnson code to a 7 segment decoded output for driving one stage in a numerical display.

CD 4026 is particularly advantageous in display applications where low power dissipation and/or low package count are important. This device has CLOCK, RESET, CLOCK INHIBIT, DISPLAY ENABLE input and CARRY OUT, DISPLAY ENABLE, SEGMENT, and 7 DECODED outputs (a to g). A high RESET signal clears the decade counter to its zero counts. The counter is advanced one count at the positive clock signal transition if the CLOCK INHIBIT signal is low. Counter advancement via the clock line is inhibited when the CLOCK INHIBIT signal is high.

Antilock gating is provided on the JOHNSON counter, thus assuring proper counting sequence. The CARRY-OUT (Cout) signal completes one cycle every ten CLOCK INPUT cycles and is used to clock the succeeding decade directly in a multi-decade counting chain. 

Specifications of CD4026 7-SEGMENT DECADE COUNTER
Counter And 7-segment Decoding In One Package
Easily Interfaced With 7-Segment Display Types
Fully Static counter Operation: DC To 6Mhz At VDD=10V
Ideal For Low Power Displays
Display Enable Output
Quiescent Current Specific Up to 20V
Standardized Symmetrical Output Characteristics
Inout Leakage Current= 100nA (Max) At VDD = 18V TA = 25°C
100% Tested For Quiescent Current 

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