BMES 5V/12V Power Bank Module (without Battery)


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Max. Output Current: 1.5 A
Input Voltage: 3.7V – 4.2V (Li Ion Cell)
Max. Output Voltage: > 5 V – 25 V
Efficiency: > 93%
Product Size: 87 mm * 52 mm * 14 mm

Note: This product ships without Battery. Buy complete set from this link.



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Only 2 left in stock

Okay, so we came up with this product idea while testing our projects and prototypes which required a battery based supply or robotics projects which require a battery based supply. The idea of using Lead acid batteries and then charging them is both bulky and expensive so we decided to build a simple power bank circuit which can supply variable voltage using a standard Li-Ion cell and the battery can also be charged. We have also released a complete DIY blog explaining the construction part of this circuit on a general PCB. Check the blog here.

By default, we’ll ship it out calibrated to 12V but you can also vary the voltage as per requirement. 

This board features the MT3608 2 Amp step up (boost) converter, which can take input voltages as low as 2V and step up the output to as high as 28V. The MT3608 features automatic shifting to pulse frequency modulation mode at light loads. It includes under-voltage lockout, current limiting, and thermal overload protection.

This module has a multi-turn potentiometer that you can use to adjust the output voltage. Since the potentiometer has 25 turns of adjustment you can easily adjust the output of the module to exactly the voltage you need.

Boost converters are a great way to easily increase a given voltage, but that boost comes at the cost of less output current compared to the input current.

  1. Peak current output current is not more than 2A for input & output.
  2. Please be noted that the output voltage should be higher than the input voltage.

For charging this system, there is an onboard TP4056 circuit with protection which is the best for charging Li Ion cells and you can charge using any micro usb 5V standard charger. 

Very handy powerbank for 5V – 25V devices.

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