DIY Wireless Water Level Alarm (RF 434 Mhz) 2



Components required :

A) RF Circuit (434 Mhz)  : Circuit Video here
1) 1 x RF Module Tx + Rx (434 Mhz) (Buy here)
2) 1 x HT 12E (Encoder) + HT 12D (Decoder) + Resistors (1M,50K) (Buy here)
3) 1 x General Purpose PCB (Buy here)
4) 2 x 7805 Based Power Supply Circuit Components (Buy here)
5) Led (Buy here)+ Switchs (Buy here)
6) Buzzers (Buy here)
7) Float Switch (Coming soon)

B) Optional
1) Power Source (Battery with Snapper/DC Adapter) : 9-12V DC (Buy here)
2) Tools (Buy here)
3) Jumper Wires (Buy here)

Circuit Diagram : Download here.

In case of any questions or queries, feel free to post below.

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  1. I require 1 set of wireless water level controller ready to use or do we need to make it. I need a system to fill overhead tank of 1.75 mtr height with a single phase pump 220 volts, 1.5 hp which is about 30 meters from the over head tank. 220 volts available at overhead & pump location.

    Is it possible to send me manual & cost of same payment terms.

    The transmitter needs to be installed in open air hence should be water proof & enclosed type. Also receiver unit should be enclosed type.

    I await your reply.

    PRADEEP kumar Sobti
    1. Sorry we don’t have a ready project on the same.

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